Friday, May 25, 2007

The Story

We shot this film in 2004. Three years later, we decided to actually finish it.

Sure, we were a little lazy. The truth is that we didn't know where or how we would exhibit and distribute our film. We didn't know if there were any film festivals that would accept and screen the product. Plus, there was no such thing as YouTube at the time. Seeing how YouTube has made distribution and exhibition as easy as getting dressed in the morning (unless you're a nudist), we couldn't think of a better time then now to release Blame Guy Maddin.

Why Guy Maddin? No reason. We actually admire his noteworthy contributions to Canadian Cinema. Someone suggested the title and we all thought it was pretty good.

The concept of Blame Guy Maddin was simple: Put together a film under five minutes and have a good time doing it.

If you don't understand this film, you're part of the majority. Don't blame the filmmakers. Blame Guy Maddin.

Cast and Crew

Blame Guy Maddin (2007)

Director: Brian Kayfitz

Writer: Eric Rosenhek

Edited by: Brian Kayfitz, Maayan Itzkovich, Eric Rosenhek


Eric Rosenhek ... X
Micheal Spiar... "Hey"
Erin Marie Hutchinson ... Girl 1 & Girl 2
Eric-Emin Wood ... Papa